Readville is a part of Boston, considered either a part of the Hyde Park neighborhood or a neighborhood in its own right. It is served by Readville station on the MBTA Commuter Rail. It is on the original alignment of Route 128, later part of a since-discontinued section of Route 135. Readville is bordered by the Town of Milton to the south, the Town of Dedham to the west, and Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood to the north and east. Paul's Bridge, which is at the neighborhood's entrance as one approaches from Milton, is one of the oldest bridges in the Commonwealth. Readville is covered by Boston Police Department District E-18 in Hyde Park and a fire station on Neponset Valley Parkway houses Boston Engine Company 49. Readville is also home to several light industries. Readville was home to Camp Meigs during the American Civil War. This was a training camp for Union soldiers, including those of the famed 54th Massachusetts Infantry, portrayed in the movie Glory. Another unusual regiment that trained at Camp Meigs was the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry, half of which was recruited in California and sent via ocean transports to Readville for training before being sent to Virginia to the war. There are plaques and small monuments commemorating this history at what is now called Meigs Field. One notable neighborhood event is the Field Day (picnic) at Meigs Field each July 4. The neighborhood has long been an Irish and Italian stronghold. The Blue Hill Community Church located at 215 Neponset Valley Parkway in Readville, a non-denominational church, has held consistent worship services since 1888. Famous preacher, The Reverend Dr. Phillips Brooks, preached his last sermon at the Blue Hill Community Church. The Reverend Phillips Brooks was the author of the Christmas Carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem," first performed here. Also, Samuel Smith, read from the BHCC pulpit for the first time in history, his poem, "America," which was later set to music as "My Country Tis of Thee. " St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church serves as the local parish. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Massachusetts State Representative Angelo Scaccia are both longtime Readville residents. In the early part of the 20th century, a prominent harness racing facility called Readville Trotting Park was located in the neighborhood. That property was later to become a Stop & Shop warehouse and distribution center and is now a multi-use warehouse property. Readville has excellent views of Great Blue Hill and the Blue Hills Reservation and has a wetlands area known as Fowl Meadow. The Neponset River is another natural feature. Readville was also home to the massive New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Locomotive and Car Shops, which closed down in the early 1960's. Today, the CSX Railroad operates a portion of the Readville Freight Yard along Prescott Street and the MBTA Commuter Rail has a passenger car facility for light maintenance and servicing just outside Wolcott Square.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution is a mechanism by which different types of legal disputes are resolved through out-of-court processes like arbitration, and mediation as an alternative to civil litigation. ADR methods can be effective in reducing the time, money, and adversarial nature associated with traditional court-based proceedings.

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