Inman is a city in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 1,884 at the 2000 census. Inman is a small, enterprising community located in the Upstate of South Carolina. The weather is temperate around the year and because Inman is located in the Isothermal Belt, Inman does not suffer the severities of nature. The Isothermal Belt is a phenomenon that results when uncomfortable weather conditions on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains literally blow over the mountains, leaving a 60-mile wide trough of seasonal tranquility for those residents who live there. Inman is one such area. The Isothermal area is one of the nation's favorite relocation spots according to AARP and AAA. Greater Inman is within close, convenient proximity to the Spartanburg-Greenville-Asheville metroplex, yet regarded as distant enough to give its residents plenty of breathing, living and recreational room. Inman residents have access to near by Lake Bowen that affords water recreational sports and fishing. Inman is positioned in a highly regarded area making access convenient to popular Atlantic Coast Beaches to the east; Atlanta to the south; Asheville to the north; to the west, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and, further, Nashville. Connected to these locations by Interstate I-26, which runs east to west and Interstate I-85, running north south The high school and elementary school system are highly regarded among South Carolina schools. The local high school, Chapman, ranks high in SAT-ACT scores as well as having prominent athletic programs and football team. Nearby college campuses include, University of South Carolina–Upstate, Spartanburg Community College, Wofford University, Furman University, Spartanburg Methodist University, Greenville Technical College, Isothermal Community College, Bob Jones University, Converse College, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, Southern Wesleyan University, Strayer University, University of North Carolina–Asheville, and Clemson University. The City of Inman has a unique layout that merges both business and residential community in a way that is unique in this age of urban spread. That is, the historic section of the city hosts its established businesses that are reminiscent of a time when cities actually had a comfortable, serene 'main street' atmosphere, while at the same time, close-by South Carolina Rt 176 offers all the modern convenience amenities one could desire. Inman also offers both residents and visitors ample houses of spiritual worship. Greater Inman hosts pharmacies, medical offices, the large food market chains - including a new Food Lion store, retirement communities, while at the same time, the City is actively engaged in an overall renovation of its historic storefronts. Greater Inman is a hotbed of antique outlets. For Inman's younger citizens, and their growing families, there are new outlying housing communities. For retirees, there are nearby Social Security offices, many large-scale hospital facilities, including the major VA Healthcare facility at Asheville, along with VA satellite facilities at Greenville and a new one planned for Spartanburg.

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What is civil litigation defense?

Civil law, as opposed to criminal law, is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and/or organizations, in which compensation may be awarded to the victim. For instance, if a car crash victim claims damages against the driver for loss or injury sustained in an accident, this will be a civil law case. Civil law courts provide a forum for deciding disputes involving torts (such as accidents, negligence, and libel), contract disputes, the probate of wills, trusts, property disputes, administrative law, commercial law, and any other private matters that involve private parties or organizations including government departments. The objectives of civil law are different from other types of law. In civil law there is the attempt to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or settle a dispute. If there is a victim, they get compensation, and the person who is the cause of the wrong pays, this being a civilized form of, or legal alternative to, revenge.

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