Husum and BZ Corner are located in the White Salmon River Valley property proper, in the heart of the rich orchard lands. The towns are favorably situated as a hub for roads from the towns of Trout Lake, Glenwood, Laurel, Fulda, Panikanik, Gilmer, Underwood, and White Salmon. Under the bridge in Husum, Washington, just miles from Hood River, Oregon and the scenic Columbia Gorge, Husum Falls is a vertical 10 foot Class V waterfall offering excitement for rafts, kayaks, and onlookers. Tours are taken out daily on the wild and scenic White Salmon River where rafters have the option of taking the 10 foot falls head on.

Maritime And Admiralty Law Lawyers In Husum Washington


What is maritime and admiralty law?

Admiralty and maritime law involves cases related to navigation and commerce on oceans, rivers, and lakes. Admiralty and maritime cases can involve injuries to longshoremen and vessel crew members, contracts for cargo shipping, vessel collisions, and cruise ship passenger injuries. If your issues involves ships and shipping, business or commerce transacted at sea, finds and salvage, the duties, rights, and liabilities of ship owners, ship masters, and other maritime workers, it is within the realm of admiralty law.

Answers to maritime and admiralty law issues in Washington

In certain kinds of cases, lawyers charge what is called a contingency fee. Instead of billing by the hour, the...

The Jones Act allows an injured seaman or fisherman to bring a claim against his or her employer for the negligence...

Paying passengers who are injured on a boat or cruise may bring a lawsuit against the boat owner if the owner's...